Once Upon A Time In Machias by Edward G. Curtis  
Originally published in 1957, reprint 2006.
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New 2006 reprint of 1957 book by Edward G.
Curtis - Once Upon A Time in Machias. 102 pages
with 15 pages of photos. Edward G. Curtis was
born in 1886 in Somerville, Massachusetts. His
family moved to Machias, Maine in 1888.

The book tells of his boyhood in Machias. Some of
the things he mentions are: The old days in
Machias before the railroad came, Frank Reeves,
Steamerships "City of Richmond" and "Frank
Jones". Sawmills and schooners, lumbering in the
woods, Swimming in the river, Skating on the frog
pond, Skating on the river, Ice and ice houses,
Carrying the milk, Making yeast, Making soap,
Kerosene lamps and brimstone matches, The
electric light station and first job, Charles C.
Parker, fisherman, Columbia Falls, Shipbuilding,
Sailmaking, Captain Harper and Mr. Dole, Boxing
the compass, The arrival of Coal, Fights and
Fires, Machias fire engines The" Davey Crockett"
and The "Young America", Life in the woods, Soft
Rock, Dr. Crocker, Lewis O'B. Holway, The village
Smithy Dan McDonald, Old Chanteys, The County
Fair, The Country School, Miss Lucy Longfellow,
Frank Shaw, country doctor, The Bartlett Smiths,
the Roque Bluffs Cottage "Ledgelawn".

Photos include: Main Street, Machias; Looking at
town from top of hill; the old house; Lewis Holway's
vegetable garden and field; the wharves with piled
lumber; log jam; James Bucknam's House and the
Octagon Barn in Cherryfield; Blueberry Pickers on
the Barrens; Lewis Holway tedding hay with Old
Boston; The Idler goes down the river; Miss Lucy
Longfellow's schoolhouse; and "Ledgelawn",
cottage at Roque bluffs.

Very interesting reading for someone with roots in
Machias, Maine or historians.